We build spaces that teach and heal our community.

Williamson Construction is committed to building and maintaining our healthcare and education communities!

We're setting out to rebuild spaces in
healthcare and education.


We have experience building clinic spaces, imaging offices, lab spaces, hospitals (OSHPD 1-3), urgent cares, waiting rooms, and doctor's offices. We know how vital it is to have a working, functional space.

Modernizing spaces that

help them heal.

Keep your space clear so

they can keep learning


We are passionately invested in modernization for the next generation. We have experience with public and private education facilities, classroom TI's, and site-work.

Committed to your Success

We get that you are accountable for the project results—both to those you report to, and to those the building will serve. We understand that it's hard to find a construction company that is invested in what matters to you.

"We choose Williamson Construction because they can be counted on to complete projects on time, within budget, and with a high degree of quality. We also like that they are all named Brian, which makes it easier to remember their names."

— Steve Thompson | Physical Optics Corporation

"Williamson Construction demonstrates the expertise to construct both OSHPD-1 and clinic projects, but more importantly they have shown that they possess the level of care and understanding it takes to work within active healthcare environments. They go out of their way to ensure that the construction experience is positive for patients, caregivers and owners alike."

— Steve Thompson | Physical Optics Corporation

Our Plan for Your Project


Are we the right fit?

We meet and discuss your project/ determine you're a good fit.


Bid Process

We look over your project details and talk about value engineering, discovery, and foreseeable issues.


Project Award & Kickoff

Project gets kicked off, we understand the goals of the project, communicate bench marks.


Project Completion

Finish your project on-time and on budget. We'll make you look good in front of your team.

Start feeling like a top priority, and not like a bottom line. Let's build something together.