We're setting out to change the construction industry.

We treat our clients like family. Relationships are the foundation of every job, it's why we do what we do.

Our Mission is to serve the noble calling of our healthcare and education communities; to build inspired environments for the caregiver and patient, teacher and student; to create spaces that celebrate wellness, learning and the gift of life.

We are changing the industry by treating our clients like people and not bottom lines.


Brian Williamson


Founder and primary license holder for Williamson Construction, Brian has owned and operated this commercial construction business since 2012. His expertise is in generating and cultivating networks of relationships and opportunities to collaborate. He creates and empowers his teams and trade partners with the purpose of accomplishing clients' goals.

Brian Douglas


With more than twenty years of construction management experience, Brian realized his passion was developing schools and healthcare facilities to help improve the community. Brian Douglas joined forces with Brian Williamson in 2014 as a partner in Williamson Construction and put his passion into action. His skill set is focused on putting the right team members in place to achieve client success. No one project is the same, so why should the team be the same.

Jim Williamson


Having spent the last twenty years in the automotive care products industry as a project manager with two of the leading manufacturers, Jim has a knack for organizational structures, programs, and procedures to help build thriving businesses. Jim is invested in each project he works on - understanding that good leadership, clear strategy, and goal-oriented processes are the keys to success.

Keeping your space clear,
so they can keep teaching.

Don't let your inbox fill up with complaints.


Have a team that can
see the blind spots.

There doesn't need to be that many change orders.